Property Management

Property Management

Professional Property Management Makes the Difference

As a landlord of an investment property, one may go through a lot of hassles such as searching tenants, collecting rent, handling of tenancy issues and arranging repair and maintenance.  More tenancy issues may arise if the landlord has to manage a number of leased properties or travels abroad frequently.  With our Professional Property Management, landlords can maximize their rental income with better peace of mind.

We have been providing Property Management and Real Estate Services for our clients since 1993.  Our mission is to continually strive for excellence.  We are committed to providing the best personal and professional service working with our clients to exceed their expectations.

Our Objectives:

  • Listen carefully to make sure your objectives are understood
  • Explain our services thoroughly
  • Help you price your rental at current market value
  • Help you prepare your property for rental
  • Implement a proven marketing plan
  • Make every effort to rent your property promptly to qualified tenants
  • Diligently track the lease process to the final end

Our services:

  • Leasing
  • Strict tenant screening
  • Prompt collection of monthly rents
  • Regular site inspections to make sure the property is well maintained
  • Detailed monthly financial reporting
  • 24-hour emergency service to your tenants
  • Careful attention to all matters affecting the owner’s interest

We also specialize in the management of offshore client’s property

When you are away from Vancouver and/or need someone to look after your precious estate, we provide you with complete service for your mail, telephone call, and fax. We also take care of your automobile, governmental and financial matters. Just think of us as your concierge. We will forward mail to you, give ride to and from the airport, make reservations for your summer and winter trips of leisure sports, and go to city hall either to inquire about property tax or to pay it. We work with you by mail, telephone, fax, or e-mail to keep you informed. Some of our dedicated services are as follows:

  • Weekly mail check
  • Monthly mail forwarding
  • Airport transportation service
  • Delivery of related documents to your accountant for the preparation of your tax return
  • Making payments and/or deposit of refunds
  • Making inquires from local authorities such as city hall, financial institutes, travel agencies, etc……..

Please note that the personalized service is also available for your maximum convenience! Our service is based on professionalism aiming for long time relationship with each customer. For more information, please contact:

Tel.: 604-689-8222